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Alpine Archery and Sport is the online store extension of Alpine Archery.  Alpine Archery is located in downtown La Grande, Oregon, which is nestled between the awesome mountains of the Grande Rhonde Valley.  Alpine Archery and Sport and our parent Alpine Archery share their names with Alpine Archery Inc., the manufacturer of the very fine Alpine compound bow line.  However, we are not Alpine Archery, Inc.; nor are we affiliated with them in any way other than as a reseller of their products.  Alpine Archery is a full-service pro-shop that first opened its doors in 1984 and moved to its current location in 1987.

In April 2006 long-time owners Gene Erwin and Doug Barton sold Alpine Archery, and Ron and Michelle Babcock have called it their second home ever since.  To the sport of archery, Ron brings great technical and shooting expertise.  Archery equipment and shooting are like a puzzle for him - he enjoys figuring out the best combinations and techniques for successful shooting.  To top it off, shooting a bow is Ron's great escape, his way to relax and wind down.  From hunting, to 3-D tournaments, to field archery, to indoor Vegas shoots, Ron is an avid archer.  By far his favorite shooting can be found on the 3-D trails.

Some of you may recognize him as FSL on archery web boards.  As the family and work load have grown, Ron's ability to travel to tournaments has been limited, but he manages to get to a select handful of tournaments each year.With five children, Michelle has much in her life to keep her busy.  On top of full-time mom with all its joys and demands, Michelle does the behind the scenes work for Alpine Archery, from keeping the books, to advertising and running the website, as well as putting in several hours per week at Alpine Archery itself.  Michelle also enjoys archery and was given a beautiful chrome Bowtech Constitution for Christmas from Ron. 




img_5241cd_02   John Appleton

Martin Firecat - Spot Hogg Platinum Premier rest, Spot Hogg Hunter Hogg-it sight, 7" Doinker stabilizer, Octane 1 piece quiver, Carter Insatiable 2 release, Cheetah 400 arrows.

Martin Razor X - Spot Hogg Infinity rest, Shibuya Ultima CP sight, CR Apex scope, Easton X10 stabilizer with ACE side rod, Carter Insatiable 2, GP Sweet Seat quiver, ACE 430 arrows.

Hoyt Helix Recurve with M1 Limbs - Beiter Plunger rest, Shibuya Ultima RC sight, Easton ACE with two ACE side rods, Jager grip, Saker tab, Cheetah 525 arrows, GP Sweet Seat quiver.

img_5262cd_01  Jerry Gibson

Martin Razor X - Sure-Loc with Apex scope, springy rest, Cavalier tab, Easton Lightspeed 3D arrows, Super Stix stabilizer with Doinker side rod, and GP Sweet Seat for quiver

img_5267cd_01  Scott Wilson

Bowtech Constitution - Cheetah 400, Spot Hogg rest, Toxonics Naildriver with scope, K&K Archery 30" stabilizer, Scott Sabertooth release

Bowtech Guardian - Easton St. Epic 400, Sport Hogg rest, Spot Hogg Hogg-It sight, Limbsaver stabilizer, Scott Sabertooth release

Rytera - Easton St. Epic 400, Fall away rest, HHA Optimiser-Lite OL-5000 sight, Doinker stabilizer, Scott Sabertooth release


img_5286cd_02  Becky Wilson

Bowtech Equilizer - Easton Lightspeed 500, Spot Hogg rest, 3-D XL sight, AFC Carbon Tubes 29", Tru-Fire release


img_5302cd_02   Bob Grove

Bowtech Constitution - Tru Ball Axcel sight, Spot Hogg Platinum Premier rest, Cheetah 400 arrows, Neet leather quiver, Scott Sabertooth release, CR Apex scope, Cartel triple stabilizer.

Martin Bengal -


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